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Really Simple SSL Pro

Isaac Kachikwu
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Really Simple SSL Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you install and manage SSL certificates on your website. Here are some key features:

  1. Easy SSL installation: Automatically installs and configures SSL certificates from trusted providers like Let's Encrypt.
  2. HTTPS enforcement: Forces all website traffic to use HTTPS, ensuring secure browsing.
  3. Mixed content fixer: Automatically fixes mixed content issues, ensuring all content loads securely.
  4. SSL certificate monitoring: Alerts you when certificates are near expiration or have issues.
  5. Support for multiple SSL providers: Works with various SSL providers, including Let's Encrypt, GlobalSign, and Comodo.
  6. Advanced security features: Offers additional security features like HSTS, HPKP, and CAA+.
  7. Compatibility: Works with most WordPress themes and plugins.
  8. Priority support: Offers dedicated support for any SSL-related issues.

Really Simple SSL Pro simplifies the process of securing your WordPress website with SSL, ensuring a safer browsing experience for your visitors.

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