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Global DNS – DNS Propagation Checker – WHOIS Lookup – PHP Script 2.8

Isaac Kachikwu
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You're looking for a PHP script that can perform various domain name system (DNS) functions! Here's a brief overview of the tools you mentioned:

  1. Global DNS: Refers to the global domain name system, which translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses.
  2. DNS Propagation Checker: A tool that checks the propagation of updated DNS records across different nameservers worldwide.
  3. WHOIS Lookup: A tool that retrieves information about a domain name, such as registration details, ownership, and contact information.

Here's a simple PHP script that combines these functions:


// DNS Propagation Checker
function check_dns_propagation($domain) {
    $nameservers = array('(link unavailable)', '(link unavailable)', ...); // Add more nameservers here
    $propagation = array();
    foreach ($nameservers as $ns) {
        $record = dns_get_record($domain, DNS_A, $ns);
        $propagation[] = $record['ip'];
    return $propagation;

// WHOIS Lookup
function whois_lookup($domain) {
    $whois_server = '(link unavailable)';
    $fp = fsockopen($whois_server, 43, $errno, $errstr, 10);
    if (!$fp) {
        return "Error: $errstr ($errno)";
    fputs($fp, $domain . "\r\n");
    $whois_data = '';
    while (!feof($fp)) {
        $whois_data .= fgets($fp, 128);
    return $whois_data;

// Example usage:
$domain = '(link unavailable)';
$propagation = check_dns_propagation($domain);
$whois_data = whois_lookup($domain);

echo "DNS Propagation:\n";

echo "\nWHOIS Lookup:\n";
echo $whois_data;


This script uses the dns_get_record function to perform DNS lookups and the fsockopen function to perform WHOIS lookups. Note that this is a basic example and may require modifications to suit your specific needs.

Remember to update the $nameservers array with more nameservers for a more comprehensive DNS propagation check. Also, be aware that WHOIS lookups may be rate-limited or blocked by some servers, so use this script responsibly.

Global DNS

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