Bag Of Lies 2024 Movie Download

A desperate couple, Matt and Claire. Claire is terminally ill with cancer, and Matt, unable to accept her fate, seeks an unorthodox cure.

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“A desperate husband turns to dark magic to save his wife from cancer, unleashing a terrifying chain of events. Watch the chilling horror film ‘Bag of Lies' to discover the horrifying truth.”

  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller ¹
  • Runtime: 1 hour 36 minutes ² ¹ ³
  • Director: David Andrew James ⁴ ⁵ ² ¹ ³
  • Cast: Patrick Taft, Brandi Botkin, John Wells, Terry Tocantins ⁴ ⁵ ² ¹ ³
  • Plot: A husband tries to save his wife from bone cancer by using dark magic ⁴ ⁵ ² ¹ ³
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